The Mölltal- or Glocknerradweg R8, the Drauradweg R1 and the Alpe Adria Radweg are located close to our house. Thus, we are the ideal starting point for cycling activities around the Möll and Drautal. The lake called "Millstättersee" is also only a few kilometers away.

We also accompany you in the planning of cycling tours for beginners, advanced and professionals.

Of course, we also offer parking spaces in the dry (garage) for your bikes. Should various repairs be necessary, we will gladly assist you with suitable tools. If, in the case of the case, the repair in our house is not feasible, offers the company Pirker garden technology, which is located about 500m away from us, a repair service.

Mountain bike

We are the ideal starting point for many mountain bike routes:

Kling Hütte (Mühldorfer Alm):
Length: 11,4 km
Time: ca. 2h
Altitude: ca. 1100m
Difficulty: middle
Christebauer Hütte (Göriacher Alm):
Length: 11,9 km
Time: ca. 2h
Altitude: ca. 1057m
Difficulty: middle
Zandlacher Hütte (Zandlacher Alm):
Length: 13 km
Time: ca. 2,5h
Altitude: ca. 950m
Difficulty: middle
Gasthof Alpenheim (Teuchl):
Length: 19 km
Time: ca. 3h
Altitude: ca. 750m
Difficulty: middle